Personalized Bourbon Barrel Cuff links

  • $ 25.00

No bezels here. Only seen is the stark charred black face of the inside of a Jim Beam® bourbon barrel front and center and the engraving of your choice.

These cufflinks have been crafted by hand, by me, in my home wood shop located in Forest, Virginia, USA. I don't use stains or dyes - these are finished with a clear wax and shellac blend, and buffed by hand. These are made to order one at a time, so yours may have a slightly different grain pattern.

These may be personalized with initials or a date! Please enter the desired engraving in the notes to seller box. Size: 3/4" Square Thickness: 0.17" Total Height: 0.85"

About the wood

The natural texture comes from the inside of the barrel, with the hand-charred barrel interior on prominent display. The barrel craftsmen carefully toast and char the inside of the barrel to caramelize the wood's natural sugars. It's from the toasted oak that the whiskey draws its rich amber color, distinctive flavor, and finish. Jim Beam is a registered trademark and is not involved in or affiliated with the production or distribution of this product. Please see the rest of my square collection here: