Men's Cufflinks Handmade from California Redwood in Silver Bezel

  • $ 65.00

I carefully select each piece of wood for color and figure, and I hope you'll find the wood to be as rich and beautiful as I do. The California Redwood in these cufflinks was salvaged from trees cut over a century ago in the Northern California coastal forests. These were the legendary 1500 - 2000+ year old giants that grew to 20 feet in diameter and over 400' tall. The stumps from these treks, and the occasional trunk section left in the forest, stayed perfectly preserved over the past century and the wood is of distinctly high quality. To the best of my knowledge, this wood has been sustainably harvested from downed, damaged, or trees that would have otherwise been cut down. I do not support destructive logging. Please view my entire collection of men's cufflinks here: