Hawaiian Koa Wood Shirt Stud Set

  • $ 40.00

Each set of these awesomely sharp Hawaiian Koa wood tuxedo studs is made one set at a time by me, by hand, in my home shop. Wood is a unique and unpredictable material, and therefore the set you receive may look a little different from the picture.

They measure just about 10mm in diameter.

About the wood

These particular studs are crafted from Hawaiian Acacia Koa wood. Koa is a large tree, typically attaining a height of 49–82 feet. In deep volcanic ash, a Koa tree can reach a height of nearly 100 feet and a circumference of 20 ft. It is one of the fastest-growing Hawaiian trees, capable of reaching 20–30 feet in five years.

How many studs should you wear with a formal shirt?

Typically, formal shirt stud sets come with four studs. However, depending on the length of the shirt there may be a fifth stud needed right above the belt. The bow tie will cover the top stud so a sixth is typically not needed. I can make stud sets out of just about any wood. If you would like something custom to match shoes or a belt do not hesitate to contact me to get more details. Please let me know if you have any questions.