Bourbon Barrel Cufflinks Personalized with Initials

  • $ 45.00

PERSONALIZE WITH THE INITIALS OF YOUR CHOICE! Please enter the desired initials in the personalization box along with any special considerations that I should keep in mind.

Each pair of these awesomely manly cufflinks is made one pair at a time to order by me, by hand, in my home shop. Because bourbon barrels are hand-charred by coopers with torches, the charred faces are unique. Yours may have a slightly different texture, but will always be jet-black. They measure just about 1/2" in diameter.


About the wood

These cufflinks are crafted from a White Oak stave from a Jim Beam® bourbon barrel. The hand-charred barrel interior is on prominent display, left in its raw, natural state just as it was inside of the bourbon barrel. The charred face is sealed only with a clear blend of shellac and wax, for a low sheen, natural protective finish. These links are made out of welded stainless steel backings, and are weighty and durable. Please let me know if you have any questions.