Bourbon Barrel Tuxedo Shirt Studs

  • $ 35.00

Every set of these manly bourbon barrel tuxedo studs is made one set at a time by me, by hand, in my home shop. Because bourbon barrels are charred by hand, they may have a slightly different grain pattern and appearance. They measure just about 10mm in diameter. These particular studs are crafted from a White Oak stave from a Jim Beam® bourbon barrel.

The hand-charred barrel interior is on prominent display, left in its raw, natural state just as it was inside of the barrel.


How many studs should you wear with a formal shirt?

Typically, formal shirt stud sets come with four studs. However, depending on the length of the shirt there may be a fifth stud needed right above the belt. The bow tie will cover the top stud and a sixth is typically not needed. I can make stud sets out of just about any wood. If you would like something custom to match shoes or a belt do not hesitate to contact me to get more details. Please let me know if you have any questions.