Olivewood Wedding Band with Gabon Ebony Strip Wooden Ring for Men

  • $ 65.00

This minimalistic yet classy looking handmade ring is crafted from Olivewood from the Holy Land of Bethlehem and Solid Gabon Ebony. Wooden rings are warm and comfortable, and are surprisingly durable, but please use care when lifting heavy objects and remove them when they will be heavily exposed or submerged in water. The ring is crafted from a single, solid piece of Gabon Ebony and a single, solid piece of Olivewood.

My rings are all crafted with a very gentle comfort-fit interior, with a subtle rounded shape to make the ring comfortable to wear. It is recommended to be sized by a jeweler before ordering. I accept exchanges and resizes for a $20 fee. Please contact me if you have any questions.

About the woods

Ebony is one of the most intensely black woods known, which, combined with its very high density, fine texture, and ability to polish very smoothly, has made it very valuable. It is one of the few wood species that will sink in water. Ebony is the Greek word for "fruit of the gods". Historically drinking goblets were made from its wood, as they believed it was an antidote for poison, and its use would ward off their enemy's evil intent.

Bethlehem Holy Land Olive wood is one of the hardest, heaviest and most solid woods known to man. It is also very long lasting and resistant, being the natural choice of wood for sculptures for thousands of years. The olive tree is a slow growing tree which fills during the first 7 years of its life. It is especially productive thought out her life. Growing to heights ranging from 10 to 40 feet. Reaching the age of 200 the trunk disappears, shoots develop at the base of the trunk which eventually grow into a new tree, hence the reputation as the immortal tree.